Hija de Gloria Estefan derrocha amor con su novia ¡Fotos!


La novia de la hija de Gloria Estefan gana cada vez más popularidad. Emily Estefan y su novia Gemeny Hernández están más enamoradas que nunca y presumen de su relación en las redes sociales.

La hija de Gloria y Emilio Estefan mantiene una sólida relación de tres años con Hernández y ambas están de lo más enamoradas.

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Momma , Each year when your birthday comes around, people from all around the world are filled with excitement and joy to join in celebrating your existence. You tend to do that to groups of people .. give them nothing but reasons to experience happiness, catharsis, laughter, hope, love.. and so many more flares of light you’ve enhanced this planet with. It could be one on one with your grandson, at a dinner with your loud, giant family, or on stages in front of a sea of humans… but you’re always giving YOUR all for the sake of the collective, and freely spewing your fierce passion for the ones you love. I wish the world could give you ITs all. It’s what you deserve. I wish humanity matched the example you’ve set for us so bravely. Until then… we learn from you.. and we celebrate you.. Happy birthday momma!!! I love you SO much. (Ps I know I’m a few days late but we’re working together on something EXCITING so have been a little busy .. ) 🌹

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Novia de la hija de Gloria Estefan

En el año 2017, la hija del creador de la famosa agrupación Miami Sound Machine, reveló al mundo sus preferencias y gritó a los cuatro vientos su amor por la joven.

Ambas asistieron juntas y de la mano al homenaje que le hicieron a Gloria Estefan en el Kennedy Center de Washington y desde entonces son inseparables.


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Gratitude is a practice. One you are nestled into as a result of the love that surrounds you. (Or the lack of it.) I think about the ying and the yang—the natural order of light and darkness. How one could not exist without the other. Oftentimes it takes the darkest moments to shed light on the brightest ones. I met Carmen during an unusually dark time in my life. We were babies and we were living in NYC with no friends or family, straight out of high school. It was one of the most bittersweet moments of my life. I think it took one conversation before I felt Carmen would become my family. Carmen, our friendship is a luminescent happenstance. It is an eternal light that is neither too bright nor too dim, steady at all times: the gift of a single flame to warm and never burn you. And like any good candle, everything it touches melts away into a sweet, loving nectar that pleases the senses of all who come near it. It is the morning stillness of the sun’s first rays that you could almost smell as it caresses your face. You glow in every room, igniting the flare of each of our kindest, altruistic selves. I am grateful to share in your light and unconditional love. We all have much to learn from you. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. 🌞 #HDBforever

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